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Company Statement

Our goal is to provide you, the client, with the best quality, long lasting hybrid power solution at the best value possible.

sunlive solar;

Welcome to Sunlive Solar!

Sunlive solar is a leading Indian systems integrator specializing in off-grid power solutions for the Telecom market.

By utilizing a new approach whereby the balance of system (BOS) components; a Control System which includes a maximum power point tracker (MPPT); a Battery Charger and Load Regulator; all integrated and contained within a single housing and fitted with extensive remote monitoring and control features gives “elgris” Solar systems many advantages over current competitors in this field.

Experience, skills and knowledge gained over 15 years, not only in Solar Power generation but also in Diesel, Wind, and Fuel Cell technology gives “sunlive solar” the capability to design and build Hybrid systems incorporating these key “renewable” energy resources.

Our Services for you

  • Telecom solar power systems
  • Off grid power supply
  • Generator service
  • Remote Site monitoring

Our Products for you

  • Hybrid power solutions
  • BTS Telecom power solutions with solar
  • BTS Telecom power solutions with generator
  • Advanced centralized remote site monitoring

About Us

Sunlive solar is your leading partner for turn-key hybrid power systems.
Solar-powered base stations in rural areas eliminate the need for the stations to be connected to the national grid.
Telecom towers that run on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power are seen as ideal for developing countries, where electricity supply in rural areas can be unreliable and expensive.